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Information and knowledge are greatest tools to fight cancer.
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2nd Cancer Opinion provides opinions regarding Breast, lung, colon, prostate and ovarian cancers, lymphomas, melanomas, and other solid tumors.
*1st 1/2 hour session is at no additional charge.
The Advantage:

We at 2nd Cancer Opinion understand the tremendous obstacles that you and your caregivers face when seeking relevant and objective information in the complexity of cancer treatments.  We offer you a medical resource that makes your cancer treatment less difficult and more reliable, based on unbiased advice from experienced oncologists, professional research, and cutting-edge technologies.

At  2nd Cancer Opinion, our Board-Certified Oncologists

Offer medical expertise and in-depth knowledge based on the latest clinical treatments available.
Provide solutions based on unsurpassed knowledge and understanding of the field.
Deliver the latest available options based on personal contacts.

At  2nd Cancer Opinion, our services are provided by oncologists who carefully review each patient's medical background.

The result: Personalized Recommendation Reports and Consultations that are tailored to your primary concerns and needs

A Patient-Friendly Approach to Communications
Reports are provided in an easy-to-read, understandable format while offering only the most pertinent clinical information and statistics (such as the treatment success rate, when available, and possible side effects of treatment).

Unbiased Recommendations and Advice
Reports and consultations are executed according to the strictest standards of privacy.
2nd Cancer Opinion is an independent and unbiased patient advocate and consultation service.
2nd Cancer Opinion does not accept referral or other fees from any public or private clinical trial operator.

ORDER Your Personalized Report NOW!

Empower yourself with information.  Knowledge is power.
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